SHOPEO - The Decentralised Amazon & ICO Hub

Between all ICOs coming in the markets this is another proposal of disruption of giant commerce models. Shopeo has researched for quite some time and has verified the growth throughout the years that the ecommerce platforms have had. Also discovered that this is a market where many small businesses are excluded for many different reasons In the other side of the coin there are platforms that allow the peer-to- peer commerce of products but has no guarantee that the satisfaction of the customer comes first place and a lot of times they have lost their money not knowing who they are dealing with. Now we face two different problems that need attention and Shopeo promises to deliver results that will make the platform a decentralized e commerce blockchain based technology that will allow more creative ways to profit from the growth of the online commerce. The idea of connecting local shop to the online world isn´t new, but in many cases, brings no results and is very costly. Shopeo is based on the idea of empowering local shops in this venue for a fraction of this cost using 6 main features: - Product review – you´ll be able know if the product that you are looking for is really worth the buy, you can always include reviews yourself so other customers know what you think - Verified sellers – In the digital world one can never know the other party, but with Shopeo, the seller get the ability to be verified and build more trust in the community avoid scammers to join - Totally decentralized – running on Ethereum Smart Contracts the platform gives the peace of mind that allows both customer and seller get paid or get their intended product with absolute ease and guaranty. - Low fees – most of the time what stop small business to sell online no more will be a burden, with low fees it will make ecommerce more affordable and within reach. - Built-in escrow – in order to avoid abuses and losses in the customer side, the seller will provide an escrow to be used to guarantee their products to the buyer, giving them the security that the seller are real people or have theirs interest tied in the sale. - Built-in trust – The design of the smart contract brings to the table ease to make sells and buys reducing the area for disputes and disagreements. Being a sum of different smart contracts and bringing the cost of ecommerce down to very affordable level with a decentralized way of doing things Shopeo looks to brings a very tangible solution to the market and with positive future growth expectancy.
Amazon, Alibaba and other ecommerce platforms has growth to amazing numbers these last years. This proves the potential and profitability of the web market now well established and growing at a rapid pace.
The biggest question is, how can a small business on any person can profit from this huge market without large investments and expertise?
The proposal of Shopeo is the answer. With the advancement of technology and especially of
the blockchain technology now it´s possible for the regular Joe be in the internet business
without all the tech burden or the high fees imposed to those who stablish an online business.
What is Shopeo? It´s a decentralized ecommerce platform that allows both small business owner and entrepreneurs to sell their products direct to their consumer with a very low cost.
On the consumer side, he will have guarantees that what he´s buying will arrive with the
quality and description that he saw in the sale add. That feature will give him peace of mind towards buying online from a stranger, knowing that if the product isn´t deliver he will have his money back. That is a warranty that Shopeo has built in the Smart Contract that it is based upon.
This warranty is based on different factors: a escrow account that the seller has to fund to serve as a warranty for his products, allowing Shopeo reimburse the customer of his funds for a defective, false stated or problematic delivered product. Also a rating, which will but the
most trusted seller on the top rank and lowering the less trusted seller to a cornerstone where he will gain no business form this venue.
Whomever have had negative experiences buying online is a relief to know that Shopeo is
coming to change the way we buy.
Shopeo is starting in different sectors of economy and as times goes by and the platform
become more robust and known it will add more and more products and services
accommodating a growing number of business and different products.Another feature that makes Shopeo attractive is the fact that it is international, so doesn´t
matter where you live you can potentially sell your products to every corner the world. You
may accept cryptocurrencies and participate of the growth of e-commerce no matter how
small you are as a business or where you live.
Shopeo has been conducting a study and establishing partnership since last year, and will be releasing the ICO August 10, 2017. By the end of the year will be releasing the beta version of the platform and intend to aggregate at least 5000 partners the first year.
Let´s keep an eye on it!
Great opportunity